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Wedding Party: How Many + Who To Pick?!

One of the big questions you will ask yourself as a bride is, how do I choose my bridesmaids? It can be difficult to decide who to include, because you want to keep friends and family happy but also do what is best for YOU on YOUR big day! We sat down with #BrideToBe Lindsay to ask how she determined who to include in the party. She also gave us some tips and inspiration for gifts for the wedding party and a fun way to pop the question!

"I selected my bridesmaids based on who I felt it was most important to be standing next to me on my big day. I also chose those who I felt the most supported by throughout my life and relationship with Cody. First, we started the process by determining how many bridesmaids and groomsmen we wanted total, because that obviously effects who you chose (every friend and cousin, or just the top three.)"

"Ultimately, I chose to have only family members in the bridal party, because they are the ones that have stood by me my whole life through all the ups and downs. Cody decided on his childhood friends and a few family members. It is definitely a more difficult choice than people first realize, but you just have to trust your gut and if you are on the fence about making someone your bridesmaid (or groomsman) go with no, because you never want to regret having someone in your wedding."

Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Now that you have decided on who is in the wedding party, you have to think about how to ask them and what gifts (if any) you will give each one!

"Pinterest and Etsy are your best friends for this part of wedding planning! My sister and I have a running joke about icing each other, so Cody and I 'iced' her at our engagement party to ask the big Maid Of Honor question! I found this awesome seller on Etsy to custom make the sticker."

"For the rest of my party, I knew overall I wanted something that was very 'me' and in a cute box. I loved the idea of giving them something that they could keep and use - a lot of my choices were based on being practical. It is expensive to have a wedding (duh), so I wanted to make sure that what I got was fun but also sensible."

We did a box from Etsy that included:

  1. A mini succulent

  2. A candle

  3. Matches

  4. A cute shot glass that said bridesmaid

  5. A mini champagne bottle

  6. A card that said "Will you be my bridesmaid?" and then a personalized note on the back for each person.

"Of course, the groomsmen also got gifts, but boys are always easier to shop for 😉. We did these customized beer bottle labels from Etsy and then gave them all a cigar as well!"

Next week, we are going to discuss how to decide on everyone else that will be at the wedding! How to narrow down that guest list, finalize your invitation design, and all the awesome features available on wedding websites that you might not have known about! Have a question for our #BrideToBe? Send us an email at or DM us on Instagram. Talk to y'all soon!

P.S. Visit our Instagram page here to view more #GiftInspo ideas from Lindsay for your bridal party!

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