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Meet The #BrideToBe

Updated: May 12, 2021

You're engaged! But now you're probably feeling overwhelmed with all the planning ahead of you. Selecting bridesmaids, choosing a date, deciding on a theme and budget, the list goes on. And while there are online platforms to help you (hello Pinterest & The Knot), it's always helpful to hear firsthand from someone that's going through the same situation.

For the next few months, we'll be following the planning process with #BrideToBe Lindsay - who is also The White Room's Chief Of Operations! Every wedding decision is personal and based on individual factors, but it never hurts to hear one opinion of a bride to be and their thought process. Meet the future Mr. & Mrs. Potvin!

Cody & Lindsay's love story first started when they both began volunteering for FEMA, traveling the country providing assistance with major natural disasters. Rather than specific dates, they chronologically ordered their relationship by location!

Stay tuned for more features of our new #BrideToBe series as Lindsay spills the deets (fun & not so fun) about wedding planning, engaged life, and her personal recommendations on how to handle it all!

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