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I'm engaged, now what... a bridal timeline

Updated: May 12, 2021

You've officially got a new title: fiancé. Now you're probably wondering where to start for everything that comes after that big proposal. Our own #BrideToBe, Lindsay walked us through what she did first and explained her reasons along the way. Even if your timeline doesn't look quite like this, it should help ease some of your planning stress!


Lindsay and Cody chose to host their wedding at Lindsay's childhood home in Connecticut. She always pictured her big day taking place here, but she had to consider a few important options. Ultimately, using a private property for her venue had several pros but there's also a few cons to think about which she listed below!

  • Things to consider when picking venue: What type of food does the venue serve? What is the overall vibe of the space (modern vs. rustic)? Are there added fees for outside vendors? Is there ample parking and nearby hotels with transportation? Does the venue have an indoor space in case of inclement weather?

+ Pros for hosting at private property:

  • No restrictions or regulations (i.e. you can party as late as you want at your reception!)

  • Not limited to the venue's team and vendors (i.e. catering, day of planner, servers, decor)

  • More flexibility with timelines and date (especially important for this past year with COVID cancellations/restrictions)

  • Complete customization! This is the opportunity to build your dream wedding from top to bottom.

- Cons for hosting at a private property:

  • Starting from scratch - while customization is fun, it can also be a VERY big undertaking!

  • It can be stressful to have outsiders in/around your home during the wedding

  • LOTS of materials to keep track of and transport (remember, you're in charge of every table, chair, cup, and place setting)

  • No parking at private residence - Lindsay is shuttling her guests from a church down the street

  • All the basics that you wouldn't normally need to worry about. (i.e. electricity to the beach, ice for the bar, toiletries in the bathroom!)

  • Start with the season and work down from there! Have you always pictured a moody fall-inspired wedding, or out on the beach for summer? Lindsay's extended family travels to her hometown every summer for a July 4th celebration, so they thought it would be fun to extend the vacation a little bit and host their wedding the week prior!

  • Another factor to consider when setting the date - there's no pressure to get married exactly a year after your proposal! Lindsay and Cody purposely chose to have a longer engagement, giving them more time to plan the wedding and to grow their relationship.

  • It's no surprise this is a very important step in the planning process and needs to happen early! Talk with your fiancé and figure out the price range that you are both comfortable with. Ask yourself what is this day worth to you? Lindsay shared that it was helpful to talk with family and friends to see what they thought and who was able to help (financially or with services). Be prepared to make sacrifices along the way, because most of us can't fit EVERYTHING in. Stay tuned for our "Tips & Tricks To Saving & Prioritizing" blog coming soon!

  • Emphasis on "rough" list for this step. The venue and the number of people you want to invite are the biggest factors of the budget. Lindsay and Cody started by creating a massive list of every person they could ever think of inviting and then went back through to narrow down. It's important to think about what vibe you want for the big day as well - do you want it to be a party with everyone you've ever met, or a more intimate and sentimental setting with just close family.

  • We know everyone probably already has a few wedding photos on their Pinterest (or it's their whole account. NBD.) One of Lindsay's big tips here, however, was to create folders for each category of the wedding and be specific about what you share where. Another big note - you have to stay realistic and be aware that your wedding may not look exactly like that gorgeous photo. Pinterest is both your best friend and worst enemy!

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