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5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

Would you try to fix your plumbing or cut your own hair with no professional training or experience? Of course not! You would hire someone who specializes in it and who will get the job done correctly and efficiently. Our bride Lindsay thinks of wedding planners the same way! Whether you are securing a full time coordinator or just someone to help with the day of details, here's 5 reasons our #BrideToBe highly recommends hiring a wedding planner:

Reason 1: They Can Sweat The Small Stuff

While you’re doing all of the fun parts of planning the big day, like tasting wedding cakes and picking out bridesmaid dresses, a wedding planner will handle all of the unglamorous details. Not only will he or she take on difficult tasks (negotiating contracts with vendors), your planner will see to the hidden details that you might miss, such as the number of bathrooms you'll need at the venue for your guests.

Reason 2: They Will Organize The Vendors

As a bride, this is probably the biggest reason to hire a planner! Vendors are difficult to deal with. Going back and forth with emails, making sure contracts are correct and include everything, following up as the wedding gets closer, who the contacts are and who you've spoken to. It goes on and on! The planner is used to sorting these details. Not to mention, as a professional in this field, the planner will most likely know which vendors are better than others so they act as a good quality control!

Reason 3: They Help Stretch Your Budget

Hiring a wedding planner is obviously an added expense, but they are also very helpful with stretching your budget. They can help you decide where to save and where to splurge. Do you really need the extra $5,000 for draping, or should you save the money and spend an additional $400 on a nicer reception tent? Both options will make the same elegant statement you're looking for, but at two very different costs!

Reason 4: They Are A Built In Wedding Etiquette Expert

Any and all random questions (which you will have many), they are there with the answers. And not just the answers, but "expert level" responses with each well thought out detail and reason.

Reason 5: They Manage The Wedding Day Stress

This was another big reason why we chose to hire a planner. Since the wedding is located at our house, there is added pressure as well as family dynamics that need to be managed. A wedding planner is there for you as your right hand every step of the way. Since our wedding was built from scratch, we have a lot of vendors bringing in multiple big items the morning of, and set up will be chaotic, so it was essential to have an expert (plus her crew) there to help facilitate everything so I can relax and get ready with my friends upstairs.

Next up, we'll be asking Lindsay about her bridal party and all the choices that exist today for invitation/wedding websites! Follow us on social media to see more stunning photos and wedding inspo @TheWhiteRoomStyle

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