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3 Ways To Use Every Corner Of The White Room Studio As A Bride!

Hey brides! We know wedding planning is stressful enough, you don't want to worry about where you'll get ready too, or if you'll capture all the photos you dreaming about! The White Room is unique because it can transform into multiple studios at once - bridal to photography to events! Keep reading to see what we mean...

1. Boudoir Photos

Before the big day, you might want to take some intimate shots for your husband-to-be to commemorate this exciting new phase of your relationship! But finding a spot where you're comfortable enough to show some skin, while also offering natural light for photos can be tough. The White Room can be rented by the hour and is ALL YOURS during that time! So no need to worry about interruptions, and multiple shades are available for ultimate privacy.

2. Wedding Day Prep

You've made it! The wedding day is here, and you just want a space to relax in and get totally pampered! We've got you. Our incredible stylists will be ready to beautify you and your bridal party from crown to cheek. Each stylist is a professional in their field and are up to date on all the latest hair and makeup trends - so go ahead, show them that impossible braid updo you found on Pinterest!

3. Wedding Day Photos

Ok, so we know the most important photos are when you walk down the aisle and say 'I Do,' but you also probably want to savor that feeling in your gorgeous wedding dress. Or maybe you want to have extra photos of you and your friends before the day gets crazy! The White Room studio is the perfect spot to take bridal portraits and bridesmaid group shots before you head off to the ceremony. And while your girls wait for you to finish playing model, they can sip on champagne at the bubbly bar! Best. Day. Ever.

See? We told you The White Room can accommodate ALL of your bridal needs within the four corners of the studio! Just let us know what you need and when you want to reserve the space. Our booking process is simple and fast, because we know you've got a wedding to plan! Visit our bridal FAQ page for more info here.

Photos by Leigh Hayward Photography.

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