Meet the crew


Alexandria Watson: Studio Owner

Alexandria is the mind behind the vision that is The White Room. She saw an opportunity to create something unique in the Charleston wedding and events industry; A venue that could host smaller sized parties and events for the more intimate gatherings. She has used her knowledge and connections in the hair industry to grow the idea for The White Room into what it has become today. A bridal, events and photography studio like no other. 

Lindsay Bradsell: Director of all things

Lindsay is the chief of operations for The White Room and Salon Alexandria. Also known as Alexandria's right hand :) She is a driving force behind the success of The White Room and thrives when she is able to help people achieve their goals in creating the perfect events. If you happen to catch her outside of work, she will most likely be enjoying the surf and great outdoors!


Caroline Roche: Marketing Manager

As the social guru, Caroline is our master of all marketing projects in The White Room. Her passion for creative advertising and a clean aesthetic is a perfect fit for The White Room's trendy vibe. When not on her laptop, you can find Caroline enjoying some sunshine at the beach or with her pup at the dog park. Next time you're on our social channels, feel free to drop a message to her!