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The White Room offers solutions, not more problems...

Event Planning Solutions:

  • Easy booking process

  • Quick response time 

  • Flexible reservation times, services, & decor

  • No restricted or exclusive vendors 


At the White Room, we let YOU make all the decisions for YOUR event.

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Bridal Solutions:

  • Professional hair & makeup stylists available in studio AND on-site at your wedding venue

  • Flexible reservation times (24-hour availability)

  • Plenty of space for even the largest bridal party 

  • Oversized dressing rooms to fit any ballgown

  • Photography backdrop can stay assembled for pre-wedding portraits

Get ready for the big day YOUR way.

Photographer Solutions:

  • Private, interruption-free zone

  • Flexible reservation times (2 hours - 12 hours)

  • A "blank canvas" studio - perfect for products, portraits, and more

  • Professional equipment (including lights) available 


During your reservation, this is YOUR studio.